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Brain Dump Vol. 1

by Quinn94

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All U bitches not a vibe & y'all ran thru Get yo fuckin' man up off da corner sellin' candles Bitches so flaw I wouldn't hand that heaux a handle Tell'at heaux to suck a bloody dick since he vamp proof Fuck a hatin' bitch cuz bitches never on shit That's word to Asian Doll & this body come with a grip I'm all in Louisiana & niggas scrambling like Grambling But I got my chips gambling so niggas gon' have to stand it I put dat dick up on him now I'm actin' real mannish And he actin' real stannish But I'll kill him 'fo he plan it I ain't fuckin' playin' this 380 ain't jammin' When it twerk it ain't dancing bitch!
Hook U not a shooter so don’t rap that Turn a cracka boy to a hashtag Got a bad nigga with a new jag And that nigga neva gon' lag lag Pull up one deep with all of da shits In Portland don’t care bout a bitch These rap niggas soft just like they dicks On wax tough but in person ain’t Shit! Verse 1 So tell deez niggas get they ass whooped I ain’t tough but I ain’t pussy Like a stillbirth niggas won’t push me Fuck a cracka and they still book me Industry full of dumb rookies Sweet Bitch I want all da cookies Fuck *, Fuck *, and Fuck *cause they real iffy Man they crack a coin for a lil' piggy Feeling like a Rev Son word to Diggy AND TI TIP for his Lil' Iggys Let it breathe let it breathe ... Cause niggas suck need some better knees While I’m on dis EARTH I'ma burn a tree And I'ma put a cracka on a fuckin tee! A fuckin tee? A fuckin tee! These white heauxs really scared of me I got a noose U not ahead of me And if I fuck U just some head to me I got meat get some bread for me! U white hoes get all da smoke In-person muggin' yea no jokes! I’ll slit a neck and then U gimme throat 2020 shit I’m boutta blow! Ain’t Neva worried bout a past heaux Neva going to the past tho All fuck niggas suck my asshole BY NATURE IMMA GET A BAG THO DIS TRAE DA TRUTH FOR DA BLACK FOLKS ON MLK W/MY KINFOLK ON GEAUX CAUSE HIS TINT LOW! I bust a lot Imma NYMPHO! Mannnn da gays we wit all of da shits We suck dick but we take yo lil bitch Was proper, now I’m raw like good dick Fuck Drake I ain’t chillin' on 6! Words abusive cause I’m writing a hit He tried to steal but he ain’t get a lick Steal from me imma get yo ass lit That’s on YO MAMA DONT CARE BOUT A BITCH!!!! I’m runnin I’m running this heaux up Check da skin I dun glowed up Check his dick it dun froze up I hit harder than boulders I don’t ride cause it ain’t free U wanna drive? U gon' pay me And this good sex it ain’t lazy It gets ugly like Jay-Z This weed got me feeling hazy Fuck U nigga pay me I ain't never worried bout da industry Cause da industry ain't no kin to me I'ma beat a nigga U gon pay a fee Just to get him knocked, whatchu say to me?! Not Nintendo don't play with me Not Nintendo don't play with me! Hook U not a shooter so don’t rap that Turn a cracka boy to a hashtag Got a bad nigga with a new jag And that nigga neva gon' lag lag
Stay Away 02:47
Verse 1 Say fuck is U doing?! Yea U be talking but U ain't into it Say that we winning but feel like I'm losing All of my mind all of my faith But I know YAH keeping me straight I am da realest but I got da gay Yea U said that U loved me I knew it was fake U a Pennywise (clown) I was gon' serve U for dinnertime But U just can't make it to Finish Line Like da new Jordans U gon' give me mine But these niggas gon' ride for da other side I can't relate I rather play simp than rather play fake Never been perfect but take what it take Won't mention no names I ain't doing no Drake Yea that was a shot but so is this brown Pretty brown thing that U moving around Top of da Chakra we drinking that Crown Outside they smiling, inside they gon' frown Then we get to lovin' We get to fuckin' Niggas talkin' bout us all up in public Ion care cause ya know that I'm muggin' For my nigga beat a nigga for nothin' I ain't worried about da topic discussion I was hurt when U wasn't for nothin' Niggas shady yea they really be bluffin' We was close yea closer than cousins Fuck dat nigga I ain't had to geaux back In da box and we crackin' like Jacks P.A. nigga so I had to relapse On 73 now I'm back in da trap Trill Blood Whatchu Know About That? (2x)
Hook Ya yanking my braids U can't leave me alone When I be away U still pick up yo phone And answer my calls cause I'm coming right home Capricon baby da dark in my zone We got a great vibe so we ain't gotta bone U thotties disloyal Depending on me so U really just spoiled Talkin' bout U cause U really so royal Reigning on heauxs that won't do nun for U U not a user but they should enjoy U We smokin' on juana I'll marry (marijuana) it for U Verse 1 Issa green light so ya know I gotta geaux U da hubby type I ain't fuckin' with no heauxs But I ain't da hubby type so if it's real let me know We can shine our own light but I ain't tryna be exposed to da fuck shit So move around with da dumb shit And if ya trash Quinn ain't scared to fuckin' dump shit Shit I'm an Aries and we tend to fall in love quick It ain't shit to be committed if U want this Now if I’m lying then ya know that I’m flying Had my first lil' love and it was a Gemini Used to tell me sweet thangs that this Aries visualized Used to have eyesight but this nigga turned me blind I ain’t lyin Fucked with a Pisces and that shit was kinda cool Then that nigga had a NIGGA and his NIGGA told me too Mane y’all crazy And y’all trifling I ain’t tryna get screwed By da thotties on da scene that just wanna be loose. Fucked with a Capricorn and dat shit was boring Had to school dat nigga like a college touring Cole World Vibes I dipped in da morning Then my karma came & that shit had tore me Got me bucked up Playing Sissy Nobby Don’t know everythang, don’t know nothin at all I’m just a southern nigga with a southern withdrawal And I’m a demon lover for these angels that fall I wanna write but he spit it off da dome Had my head up on my shoulders till dat nigga touched my soul Deep up in my side cause he wanna hear me moan But y'all know when I’m in pain I can’t open on my own On da beat straight flexin But you tryna change my tone.... (2x)
I Need It 03:06
Hook I need it He need it She need it We need it Verse 1 He told me he need me he know that I got him I geaux to da bank and withdrawal deposit We stay with da plastic no need for a wallet We used to make pallets still summn' about him Don't know a nigga that can't make a call He ridin' for nun I'm getting involved He ridin' for nun I'm getting involved That's just how I am U needed a ride I gave U a life (Lyft) and ain't charge U no fine Expect me to change cause I won't spend no dime These niggas be fine but they ugly inside I am da realest da fairest of all Leanin' on me but he bound to his falls Fuckin' and suckin' all through da damn stall And I don't give a damn cause these niggas gon' call Don't give a damn cause these niggas gon' call Fallin' in line while I'm pulling of drawers Pullin' off drawers cause I know they gon' ball And he got a fat ass so I'm running through Paul Running through Paul like I'm running through bases Barely take dick so he barely could take it Barely could take it but my dick his favorite So he pull up on me whenever I'm ready Whenever I'm ready that be on my time Timing is money and I'm on my grind Bitches is shady protecting my shine Subscribing to Amazon bitch I'm in Prime Bitch I'm in Prime while U niggas ain't sliding Subbing in tweets but in person be quiet Michel'le bitches y'all heauxs ain't gon' fight it Keep flexin' in public I'll beat ya in private! Hook I need it He need it She need it We need it
They'on Kno' 03:15
They'on Kno' me like I do (2x) Hook They'on Kno' me like I do They ain't been what I been through I ain't say that I'ma thug but I be thuggin' with my crew I ain't worried about no colors if U true then I'll be true U say that he yo nigga but we never see da proof (2x) Verse 1 I feel it when y'all hate me y'all niggas pitiful We all got some trauma but y'all be miserable We all up in condition this shit is critical They sacrificing our bodies for da visuals So gon' head be a fuck nigga Typa nigga say fuck niggas I be hurt but I still trust niggas It's all love fuck a lust nigga We dun pulled up with just US NIGGA We dun pulled up with just US NIGGA Hook They'on Kno' me like I do They ain't been what I been through I ain't say that I'ma thug but I be thuggin' with my crew I ain't worried about no colors if U true then I'll be true U say that he yo nigga but we never see da proof (7x)
Intro They wanna try me But it ain’t likely (4x) Verse 1 But it ain’t likely that I’m gone ride for da bitch I’m Savin up funds for wealth fuck being rich I talk to myself cause GOD gon' move an inch While I drive all these miles my pain cease to exist That bitch issa rapist and blood don’t make ya kin! Don’t call up on my phone just to drain up how I feel Yea U say that ya kill but nigga is U really real Fuck all of dem guns if da ppl don’t feel! My soul intertwined and it’s poppin like a pill. Foreva I’m indie underground fuck a deal My heart in P.A. Cuz a nigga really trill My ppl like Chi-Town cause we all got da drill! All got da drill gumbo hot up in this bitch Mo lamou Louisiana mo famiy up in this bitch U can’t touch up on my hair why U eyeing in this bitch? Gon' really really really get to dying in this bitch! Dying in this bitch cause ya boys fulla hate Mad U at da bottom but da shake still bake I do what I can and I take what I take Yea yea I love U but U really not my taste And my face on 10 I can’t front for da fake Write my pain on da Earth, throw it in a lake Tryna live in da present but some shit I can’t shake (2x) Dis that Ooo Lala, yea yea come try it Da sample is free but U bitches gone buy it (4x) Verse 2 They like U still rap? When U see me rappin' I address whoever in person cause it’s nothing for dat action Win draw or lose they gone feel my fuckin passion Cause I’m true to whoeva so don’t play me for no bastard Don’t play me for no bastard cause me & my Pops cool We wasn’t at first — but GOD make for better use I ain’t writing no lies I can only tell da truth Cause whenever I lie my life show da fuckin proof Da love be real then da love be hella fake And my thick ass neva — gon' run for da chase! (4x) Dis that Ooo Lala, yea yea come try it Da sample is free but U bitches gone buy it (4x)
Outro 05:09


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released January 11, 2022

Producers: @whodafuccisclos @wtfisatoken @sirnai_

Samples: @veanababy_ @nournaserx

Audio Engineers @whodafuccisclos @Quinnfos94

Digital Visual Artist: @jamjamart

Creative Director: @Quinnfos94
Performer & Songwriter: @Quinnfos94


all rights reserved



Quinn Lafayette, Louisiana

Southern Gulf Coast Music Artist Filled With Funk, Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

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